4 Practical Ways To Forget The Past And Move Forward

Don’t think about the awful past. Forget it and be hopeful about the future.

Life is a journey. Whether you are ready or not, time wouldn’t wait for you. So why should you bother about changing the past? Aren’t you trying to cry over spilt milk? Look, many find themselves imprisoned by their past. And so never see progress in their lives.

It’s a challenging situation few people conquer and move forward. We are humans, and a matter of fact meant to grow in wisdom, knowledge, strength, and to a larger extent increase in spirituality.

Now, if you are among those who could hardly let go —then it is time you learn how to do it.

A child will not always be a child. 20 or more years later, you can’t call him a kid. So don’t be kidding. Grow in wisdom and knowledge while you go through what we know as a life transition. There is time for everything so have patience. And you will surely heal from any emotional pain.

Each stage of your life has its own story.

Your Story In The Past Is Useless In The Future

No matter how awful your past is —you can still be the happiest person on earth today. You can be the most successful person in your family, among your friends, co-workers, etc,

If the past never thought you valuable lessons —then you are not ready for what is ahead of you. The past helps to avoid repetitive mistakes and helps to keep ourselves clean from similar awful experiences.

Forget whatever has happened. I’m talking about the painful ones like betrayals, business failure, rejections, broken relationships, wrong choices, etc.

It begins by re-engineering your mind to deal with any cognitive bias that will crop up in your mind. Flush it out as soon as possible. Wear a smile because you belong to the future.

The story in the past shouldn’t stop you from progressing in life.

If the past is nothing like giving you some nostalgic feeling to smile, be hopeful and motivated to dream big —then it doesn’t worth your time.

Simple Ways To Forget The Past

1. Focus On Your Dreams

Imagine seeing yourself having your dreams come true. Isn’t that going to be a beautiful thing? Yes, this is one of the things you must focus on —your DREAMS! You surely have some realistic goals in front of you. Work hard to achieve them. And while you keep yourself busy with your dreams —you will have zero time to worry about the past.

2. Self-discipline

Here you will need the mental strength to examine yourself on regular basis. Be aware at all times of whatever you do, wherever you are and how things are unfolding. This will help you avoid falling into the mire once again.

You must discipline yourself in a way that will make you responsible for your action and everything you say. This is how to move from unpleasant situations to a more safe place.

Do this by controlling your emotions. Your emotions are an essential part of you. So take charge and be happy, hopeful, and motivated enough to reach higher heights. I believe by reading some of these quotes about emotions can help you be emotionally mature to handle many provocative situations.

3. Stay Away From Negative People

Change is inevitable. If your friends are not encouraging you to show you genuine love and support —don’t take them into the future. Remember that, there are people who only become part of your life journey.

So learn how to avoid things, people, and even places that draw you back into the past.

There is a saying that prevention is better than cure. So avoid unhealthy relationships or anything that drains your mental strength.

4.  Make Peace With Yourself

Tell yourself or promise yourself that you will never fall victim to your past mistakes again. Show yourself some love. Self-love is good for your life. Make peace with yourself and move forward. You are having peace of mind now.

So there are enough good thoughts inside your head to keep you going forward and making a new adjustment to a beautiful future. Those thoughts must flow your mind like a fountain throughout the day, the month, and the year.

Say No to anything that causes fear in you. Take courage and flip the next page of your life story. There is something better waiting for you.

Published by Lovelytony22

A Christian blogger from Ghana, saved by grace. Loves the Bible, life coaching, and evangelism. 

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