The 3 No-Bullshit Ways To Stay Hungry For Success

Chase Your dreams with a positive mindset. Stay hungry for success without giving up. This world is not a good place for the weak and the lazy one.

Many of you out there would agree with me that success doesn’t come on a silver platter. Well, let’s forget those born silver spoon in the mouth and face reality. A few people are lucky enough to inherit great fortunes.

If your story isn’t like that but mine then get ready to climb out of the pit. It will require much effort and other disciplines. Here I want to share a few secrets that will help you stay hungry for success until you get it.

Success is something many dreams of but few achieve it in reality.

A Scottish proverb and nursery rhyme first recorded in 1628 says:

“If wishes were horses beggars will ride it”

In ancient times a great Greek philosopher once lived. His name is Socrates. One day a young boy approached him for wisdom that will help him become successful in life. He took him to the seaside for a lesson.

After Socrates pushed his head a couple of times in the sea, the guy felt very uncomfortable…

What did Socrates then say?:

 “Son, I have tried three times now to teach you the secret of being a great success. The secret is simple: When you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, you will be a great success.”

The moral lesson from this story is to be hungry for success. Like the air you breathe, go after it without giving up.

The Truth About Progress And Success

It feels really good to make greater achievements in life. Every single being you see out there needs progress because we are humans and humans are meant to grow by nature.

Unfortunately, many are going through retrogression. This is a very painful experience anyone can relate to it. You need to wake up to your dreams without any fear. Now get prepared to grasp some fresh air after staying under the water like the young boy in Socrates’ story.

How To Be Hungry For Success Without Giving Up

1.  Be Aggressive

I once met a young guy and asked his name. He replied “Aggra.” Eish… What’s that, I asked.

He smiled and said “Aggressive.” Wow, so that guy’s name is “Aggressive.” It sounded very inspirational to me. It says it all without further words…

Sometimes, to be successful in life, your business, education, job, marriage, etc you have to take an aggressive approach.

If you play “Saint” all the time, you might fail or spend thousands of years before you move a needle. I have seen a couple of individuals and companies use aggressive tactics to reach their goals.

Being proactive towards your goals is very essential in the journey to success. Stay positive and hopeful at all times. Don’t allow anyone or anything to intimidate you. Keep going…

2. Be Ready To Take Risk

Risk-taking is also an essential part of the journey to success. If you can’t take risks, you will barely reach the top. Life is full of ups and downs. Dip your feet in the water first… Yes, you can swim… Don’t be afraid.

Risk teaches us valuable life lessons. Invest your money, time, energy, knowledge, and any other resources in your goals. Go out there with the confidence of winning but not failing. Oh, wait, what if you fail? That is where you learn a valuable lesson to strategize your next plan for success.

3. The Natural And The Unnatural Competition

After going through several life experiences I have realized something I think is worth sharing. You see, by nature, we are meant to progress.

The natural competition says “hey, try to be better than yourself” and the unnatural competition also says “hey try to be better than your competitors.”

The truth of the matter is, competition in life is inevitable. We need a combination of both the natural and the unnatural to reach our goals. Now let me take a minute and wish you good luck in all your endeavors.

Use these three methods to stay hungry for success and in the long run the payoff would be great!

I welcome your comments and contributions. Share if you find this piece of content helpful.

Published by Lovelytony22

A Christian blogger from Ghana, saved by grace. Loves the Bible, life coaching, and evangelism. 

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