4 Best Things In Life That Are Free

Happiness is a choice and one of the best things in life.

I have thought so much about many things in life and found a few important things that are worth talking about. Often we hear people tell us that the best things in life are free. Do you agree to that?

In this post, I will like to remind everyone that, truly what are the most important things in life costs nothing. Unfortunately, many are chasing the wrong things in life. Why? Because they believe those things are the ultimate things to make them happy but that is never true.

Happiness doesn’t cost a dime so everyone living on earth is privileged to enjoy it. Imagine someone obsessed with money. It is one of the biggest reasons why many people never feel happy. Because their needs are never satisfied. Contentment is a foreign word to them.

Now get ready and let me share with you some of the things that are free and capable of making you happy.

Free Things In Life Are Are Best For You

In fact, the list will be very long if I want to talk about all the free things that make life the best to live.

1. Breathe Of Life:

If you can breathe today, be grateful. Is taking in oxygen not free of charge?. Of course Yes. God made oxygen available in our environment for all living things to enjoy. You are alive today so be grateful. Thank God today if you are not paying for oxygen to survive. You had a privilege this morning that about 50,000 people did not.

2. Friends

Having the best friends would make you happy. There are friends who are more than brothers. They will always make you happy. You may even forget your pains and challenges in life if you are out there with them.

“A true friend unbosoms freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friend unchangeably.” — William Penn

Feel free to have fun with your good friends. Laugh, travel, party, share your interest, dreams, and many other things together. They will encourage you, advise you and help you when necessary.

3.  Happiness

Like I said early. To be happy is free of charge and it is one of the best things you could ever find. It doesn’t matter if you are a kid or adult, poor or rich, wise or fool; everyone can be happy in his own little world without any cost.

Psychology says happiness is a state of mind, so prepare your mind to think good, positive, and about encouraging things.

4.  Laughter

A smile kills a lot of negative feelings. It is good therapy for calming down anxiety. Smile often and you would attract good people to yourself. This is the best thing you can give everyone. A smile is part of giving. So give a broad smile and you would always be happy in life.

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Stay happy and motivated always.

Published by Lovelytony22

A Christian blogger from Ghana, saved by grace. Loves the Bible, life coaching, and evangelism. 

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